FRICTION Magazine.

Now up on FRICTION Magazine are flash essays themed around ‘belonging’ that are definitely worth checking out – and don’t forget that if you’d like to be involved in Issue #5, get your submissions in for 13 May 2012. The issue theme is Belonging, so take some inspiration from your visit to the Festival and submit poetry, fiction, flash-fiction, or a memoir, essay, or a piece of life-writing.


Social media.

Our Facebook page is up and running smoothly now – go ahead and ‘like’ us so you can keep up to date with Festival news! More features, photos, and links will be added soon, but for the moment we want to garner as many followers as possible so the word is spread around a bit more.

You can also connect with us at our main Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts page, as well as our main Twitter account @NCLA_tweets.


Welcome to the blog and web space of The NCLA Festival of Belonging! Here you will find our event schedule, our confirmed writers and guest speakers, contact details, and anything else you need to know about the week-long Festival. Should you need to get in touch with us, just head to the Contact page where you’ll find website links, our telephone number, and an email address.
We’ll also be highlighting information about our participating writers and speakers so you can keep up to date with what they’re doing before the Festival and be reminded of new releases as they happen!